Inspiration and creativity come together to produce men’s accessories with high Italian value, joining solid production capacities and at decisively competitive price.
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Passion is the quintessential engine, and never goes out of fashion

All belts require perfection, comfort and maximum durability, capable of withstanding tension and daily wear


The class of each Collection is the result of the commitment of skilled craftsmen, who embody experience, knowledge and elegance. The prestige of the brand is dedicated to customers who are eager to purchase medium- and high-range products with refined finishes.

Large-scale projects require courage, determination and unfailing tenacity.

Curiosity is fed by the enthusiasm and desire to go a long way, giving life to the most ambitious dreams and ideas -together.

This is exactly the winning premise of the path traveled by Ludovico Franco and Titti Garofalo in founding ITALIAN BELTS, a belt maker leading the market for quality, exclusivity and strictly Italian craftsmanship.

The pair’s indissoluble union – private and professional – has always found the perfect balance between an extraordinary entrepreneurial attitude and the motivation to work hard and become successful:

before investing financial resources, Franco and Titti committed energy, spirit of sacrifice and passion, focusing on tradition and the highest craftsmanship of their products.

The ITALIAN BELTS collections stand out for their elegant style contents, extreme care for details and clear contemporary fashion-appeal, a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

The Italianness of each creation is enhanced not only by the brand name, but also, and above all, by each single step of the production cycle, submitted daily to strict quality control, precision and attentive design.

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Mens' leather belts